Launching new look website

I'm finally launching an official website with some real content. The website in its current form, is a work in progress, and is more functional than cosmetic at the moment, but at least there is a real site now. It currently looks very much like a website from the 90s or early 00s, but I thought it better to have something that doesn't look great, than to wait and wait until it's perfect, which might be weeks or even months.

The reason for me getting the site out now is that I want to start writing a weekly 'dev' blog to give insight on the work I've completed each week towards whatever project is ongoing. At the moment, that is a new game that is super early on in the works. I can probably talk about it, but I haven't actually confirmed that yet, so best to hold off on naming what game it is.

The fact that a big part of this site will be run as a blog is the reason I have chosen to use Jekyll which has been recommended to me by various people, as it is a quick and easy way to generate a static site with blog posts, as opposed to having to maintain a CMS or something like that. Each blog post can be written in very basic plain text, and sections of the post will then be dropped into a template page that has all the HTML and CSS in it, so once that template is made once, it can be reused over and over.

In the left picture is the text for this blog post, and in the right image is the template file used.